=== Apex Guide EXP Boost ===
You can drastically increase your overall EXP gained by purchasing the 'Superiority' EXP option for 2B. This NPC is located inside the bank at home.
=== Double EXP Ring ===
The Double EXP Ring offers double EXP in all combat and non combat skills. This ring can be obtained by talking to the Prestige Master which is an achievement or by purchasing it from the Loyalty Store for 15,000 Loyalty Points.
=== Membership 2x EXP Bonus ===
If you claim a membership ticket or a membership bond you will be provided double exp aslong as the membership lasts.
=== The Dictator ===
The Dictator is a group boss that when killed it will provide the server with a global EXP boost of 5X for 1 hour, this boss can be killed once per 6 hours. The EXP Boost does drop down 1X point per 10 minutes. To access this boss you can type ::ed to enter the castle.

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