Forgotten Cemetry

How to start the quest

To fight the new ghosts within the restless graveyard you'll need a special scroll to deal damage to them. First, You'll want to teleport to ::revs and run west where you will Find the Unholy temple of Zamorak.

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Holy Scroll

Here you will want to kill Monks of Zamorak until you get the Unholy Scroll (1 In 150 drop)


Ring of the Master Thief

After obtaining the Unholy Scroll You will now need to run towards the KBD lair then you will need to enter it.

Head inside past the three headed beast and Pick Lock the closed chest located on the East and West walls of the KBD lair.

Ring of the Master Thief this is the item we are after!

The chest will stun you so be sure to bring food and Anti-fire Protection!

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Ashes of Darkness

Upon receiving the Ring of the Master Thief teleport out using the ::revs teleport under Boss Teleports. Next, run North-East from the Revenants and start killing Dark Mages for their Ashes of Darkness


Echantment of the Undead

After obtaining the ashes pickpocket the dark mages until you obtain the Enchantment of the Undead


Undread Scroll

After acquiring these Materials you may combine them together to create an Undead Scroll


You're finally ready to take on the Souls of Fortune to start reaping the rewards!

The forgotten souls can be found in level 30 wilderness in the forgotten Cemetery.

A good way to kill them is to use the Crown of the Wilderness with a Minigun.