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Hello fellow treasure seeker, you have stumbled into to the Money Making guide of Apex! Delving into the realm of riches will assist you in reaching your true potential. This guide will enrich your knowledge of the value of “money” and how to earn it in the Apex Universe. As the Apex population expands so will the avenues of accumulating wealth! The person who doesn't know where his next dollar is coming from usually doesn't know where his last dollar went!

Starter Guide


These ugly beasts can be accessed after completing 50 polar bear kills, via the ::train teleports. They drop riches including crystal keys, rare clues, bone charms, loot boxes and bill tickets. As a starter, these are a great avenue to prepare for more challenging opponents in the future.


Crazy Goblin

This is an event at ::home where Crazy Goblins Spawn everywhere! These successful thieves have figured out how to coat themselves with solid gold. Unfortunately this has caused them to become weak and only have 50 hitpoints. They drop Tier one and two boxes as a common drop. These master Thieves also have a chance of dropping the covenanted "Jewel of Chaos". This is an item used to upgrade very powerful wings.


Even the best thief in the world can't steal time

Skilling Money Making Methods


Thieving can be started by going over to the west side of home and clicking the Nooby Thief Stall. Each successful time you steal from a stall you will receive Unrefined Gemstones. Each stall can be used once you have achieved the level to use it. Level 20 is required to use the Rookie Theif Stall, Level 40 to use the Intermediate Thief Stall,  Level 60 for the Professional Thief Stall, and level 80 for the Expert Thief Stall. 



60px-Eclectic impling.png
60px-Ninja impling.png

Implings through the hunter skill give Impling jars to their respective type. The loot from these progress the higher type caught. Each Impling gives resources and a tier box.

60px-Dragon impling.png


Afk-Island is as simple as the name suggests, it is a place to afk rocks, trees, or fish. These items can be created into other or traded for AFK-Points.


Collaborative Money Making Methods

Group Slayer

Group Slayer can be started by talking to the group slayer master at home in the west side shop area, Upon talking to it you have the option to receive a group slayer gem and to start a party. Once you have received your Gem and have started a party any player can come to you and request to join you. Once all the players have joined your party each of them including yourself must ready up. Once everyone has readied up you will then be assigned a task. Upon completion of each task you will receive group slayer tokens and slayer essence.

This Shops contains some of the best items in game! The only downfall is the amount of time it will take to require these powerful times!


Global Boss

The global boss spawns every 8 hours. Once a world message has broadcasted that a Global Boss has spawned head south to the top of the hill that is covered in snow and click to go into the Trapdoor. You may also check to see what the boss drops by right clicking the door and selecting Decipher Trapdoor. The world boss alternates between Skotizo, Giant Roc, and Brassican Mage. One of these Three bosses will spawn.

Advanced Money Making Methods

Instanced Dungeon

Instanced Dungeon is a high level area that requires the use of three different combat styles. There are some of the highest tier items. The Loot Includes:


Apex Economy

Types of Currency

"Baller Ticket"H55.pngCurrency.png