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11th December
- Fixed the Sorrow Gear Problem

- Increased Agility Tickets from 1 all the time to (1 to 10)

- Have lowered the Slayer Task Requirement a further 25% for all you grinders.


- Monday = 75% Chance on Double Vote

- Tuesday = 1.75x Slayer Points

- Wednesday = +2x Drop rate

- Thursday = 10% Damage Boost

- Friday = 50% Chance to Double Baller Tickets

- Saturday = 75% Chance Double Vote, 1.75x Slayer Points, +2x Drop rate, 2x Exp Rate

- Sunday = 75% Chance Double Vote, 1.75x Slayer Points, +2x Drop rate, 2x Exp Rate

So for every person who ended up getting the first week of daily rewards before christmas congratulations.

Now to spice things up i have added even better items for the 2nd week before Christmas. So in order to get all the loots make sure to log in and vote everyday to get all them juicy rewards!

Thank you all, and hope you are enjoying it we are definetly getting more players as the days are going!

Thank you to everyone who has been helping me, and we are going to reach the top together!

Thanks Apex Team

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