Apex Official Price Guide

 Hello Apexians! Prices are a suggestion when trading with others. The server is in it's infancy, demand and updates could cause prices to fluctuate.

Using items on the Bill Ticket Shop is 45% of the average market value! Use: Ctrl+F  to find out your item! 


Melee Weapons Price Mage Weapons Price Range Weapons Price
Bronze Korasi 13B Trident of the Seas 20B Handcannon 34B
Scythe of Darkness 13B Burials Staff 27B Dark Bow 42B
Dragon Claws 20B Chaotic Staff 42B Bounty Bow 47B
Whip of rejuvenation 21B Draco's Staff 50B Chaotic Crossbow 50B
Korasi 26B Polypore Staff 55B Oblivion Bow 53B
KBD Katana 27B Nowen Staff 114B Sagittarian Longbow 55B
Abyssal Whip 32B Toxic Staff of the Dead 200B Xanax Crossbow 104B
Abyssal vine Whip 34B Dakin Staff 268B Hex Hunter Bow 114B
Monster Blade 39B Blodwen Staff 355B Glorious Crossbow 114B
Chaotic Rapier 42B Gytha Staff 465B Saradomin Bow 144B
Primal Rapier 47B Frostbitten Blade 609B Royal Crossbow 119B
Whip of Rage 49B Seren Staff 767B Zaryte Bow 200B
Statius Warhammer 50B Owedur Staff 989B Sighted Hex Hunter Bow 268B
Vesta Longsword 52B Staff of Conjuring 1324B Toxic Blowpipe 301B
Chaotic Rapier (i) 53B Akrisae War Mace 1363B Consumed Bow 387B
Chaotic Longsword 53B Talfan Staff 1566B Bow of Songs 465B
Bone Blade 55B Staff of Frost 1775B Water Handcannon 609B
Primal Longsword 104B Staff of the Scriptures 1866B Frenzy Crossbow 726B
Primal 2H Sword 109B Esoteric Staff 2352B Bow of Redemption 767B
Swift Fury 114B Staff of Destroyer 2580B Red Crystal Bow 897B
Water Korasi 114B Elder Wand 2726B Bow of Slaying 1176B
Anchor of Glory 134B Wand of the Underworld 3225B Black Crystal Bow 1185B
Drygore Mace 145B Trident of the Swamp 3710B Zafran Bow 1566B
Corrupted Drygore Mace 119B Sacrificial Staff 4110B Daedric Bow 1866B
Drygore Longsword 200B Shaman Wand 5812B Dragon Hunter Crossbow 2484B
Elemental Whip 212B Sacrificial X Staff 5971B Draconical Bow 2726B
Drygore Rapier 268B Ganopurp Staff 5971B Exodus Bow 3225B
Primal Maul 268B Ethereal Staff 7117B Mutant Crossbow 3955B
Thok's Sword 302B Kodai Wand 7732B Fire Cannon 5225B
Lime Korasi 343B Marksman Crossbow 5812B
Frenzy Rapier 355B Blessed Crossbow 5971B
Relic Blade 387B Devious Ballista 7117B
Thok's Sword (i) 433B Twisted Bow 7732B
Barbed Sword 465B
Katana of the Underworld 495B
Icy Whip 609B
Infinity Maul 647B
Zaros 726B
Sun Korasi 767B
Whip of Destruction 897B
Infernal Blade 897B
Forest Korasi 989B
Gladiator Hammer 1177B
Frenzy Maul 1185B
Anger Sword 1324B
Reborn Blade 1363B
Infinity Blade 1442B
Sir Ericsons Dual Blades 1566B
Assassination Cutlass 1695B
Rose Korasi 1731B
420 Great Axe 1776B
Fireblood Rapier 1820B
Rapier of Death 1866B
Grapes Korasi 2040B
Icy Katana 2040B
Disturbed Whip 2127B
Fire Korasi 2352B
Dark Korasi 2484B
Tri-Whip 2484B
Blue Dream Blade 2580B
Fury Sword 2726B
Fury Spear 2726B
Venom Blade 2726B
Shadow Torva Whip 2948B
Light Korasi 3225B
Cold Emperor Whip 3225B
Quietus Blade 3563B
Vigilante Blade 3710B
Slayer Sword 3858B
Tiger Rapier 3955B
Sacrificial Whip 4110B
Magma Korasi 4475B
Nemesis Blade 5225B
Vorkath Scythe 5791B
Blood Justiciar Sword 5655B
Warlord Blade 5812B
Sacrificial X Whip 5971B
Dark Angel Whip 6275B
Visionary Maul 7117B
Tetsu Scythe 7732B
Elder Maul 7732B
Olafs Battleaxe 8449B
Tekashi Blade 9085B


Hybrid Sets Price Range Sets Price Mage Sets Price Melee Sets Price
Evil Primal Set 7B per piece Morrigans Set 4B per piece Zuriels Set 4B per piece Statius/Vesta Set 4B per piece
Vanguard Set 11B per piece Pernix Set 6B per piece Virtus Set 6B per piece Torva Set 6B per piece
Haze Torva Set 12B per piece Green Martian Set 10B per piece Celestial Martian Set 10B per piece Royal Martian Set 10B per piece
Loudpurp Torva Set 14B per piece Rainbow Range set 11B per piece Battlemage (Melee & Magic) 11B per piece Zombie Set 11B per piece
Lava Eclipse Set 28B per piece Trickster (Range & Melee) 12B per piece Icy Death Set 12B per piece Obsidian Set 13B per piece
Godly Set 34B per piece Knightmare20 Set 15B per piece BloodX Set 14B per piece Lava Set 14B per piece
Pristine Set 57B per piece Dismal Torva Set 34B per piece Ganodermic Set 34B per piece Lightning Dragon Set 15B per piece
Icy Dragon Set 72B per piece Toxic Range Set 57B per piece Skeletal set 57B per piece Primal Set 34B per piece
Melting Torva Set 89B per piece Tormented Set 78B per piece Dragonbone Mage Set 89B per piece Enraged Dharok Set 43B per piece
Sun God Set 106B per piece Lime Sentinel Set 94B per piece Codeine King Set 94B per piece Dragonbone Set 89B per piece
DBZ Set 112B per piece Dragonchaos Range Set 132B per piece Celestial set 106B per piece Warden Set 94B per piece
Frosty Torva Set 119B per piece Legendary Wolf Set 258B per piece Darkness Set 195B per piece 14k Torva set 106B per piece
Guardian Set 163B per piece Aqua Lord Set 399B per piece Akrisae 354B per piece Zombie Torva Set 163B per piece
Bloody Dragon Set 258B per piece Imperial Set 666B per piece Frost-Mage Set 426B per piece Corrupted Gladiator Set 258B per piece
Water Eclipse Set 316B per piece Marksman Set 1508B per piece Eldermage Set 545B per piece Assassination Set 316B per piece
Lava Jester Set 354B per piece Dragon Emperor's Set 2137B per piece Esoteric Set 666B per piece Berserker Set 354B per piece
Magma Jester Set 476B per piece Devious Set 2949B per piece Ganopurp Set 787B per piece Blue Dream Set 384B per piece
Slayer Set 498B per piece Blue Vanguard 21311B per piece Shaman Set 1508B per piece Shadow Torva Set 426B per piece
Scourge Set 727B per piece Ethereal Set 2949B per piece Ghostly Torva 498B per piece
Cold Eclipse Set 787B per piece Green Vanguard 21311B per piece Cold Emperor Set 545B per piece
Reviled Set 1008B per piece Quietus Set/ Nemesis Set 577B per piece
Blood Justiciar Set 1545B per piece Vigilante Set 621B per piece
Matrix Set 1508B per piece Tiger Set 666B per piece
Magma Eclipse Set 1956B per piece Vorkath Set 684B per piece
Diamond Set 1956B per piece Reborn Phoenix 727B per piece
Vigour Set 2457B per piece Warlord Set 1508B per piece
Dark Angel 3302B per piece Reserruction set 1956B per piece
sith lord set 3399B per piece Magma Emperor Set 2529B per piece
TetsuX Set 3704B per piece Visionary Set 2949B per piece
K.B.D Torva Set 3842B per piece Tekashi Set 5965B per piece
Olaf Vanguard Set 7424B per piece Wildy Set 7424B per piece
Dark Vanguard Set 7483B per piece Oreo Set 7483B per piece
Icy Shock Set 21311B per piece Purple Vanguard 21311B per piece