The Magician Within Quest is the requirement in order to obtain the magic skill tab along with learning the differences between dark and light magic. To begin the quest you must first speak to The Wise Mage who is located south-west of the bank at ::home. Upon successful completion of the conversation he will provide you with a scroll named 'magicians instructions'.

Wise mage.jpg

Step 1: Equip any pickaxe and head to the boulder located south-east of the ::home bank entrance. Begin mining the boulders in order to obtain a crude lockpick. Crude lockpics mine at a rate of 1/250 so the fastest method to clear your inventory would be running back to the bank.

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Step 2: Surrounding the bank at ::home on the north-east and north-west walls lay a flowerbed. Find the flowers that are you can interact with until you obtain magical passion flowers. Magical passion flowers pick at a rate of 1/250 so the fastest method to clear your inventory would be running back to the bank.

Part 2.jpg

Step 3: Equip any pickaxe and monitor your chat box to find the location of the latest shooting star. Using the teleport button designated by the large 'T' at the top right of your screen you can teleport to the appropriate city to find the rock. Begin mining the rock for stardust, you need 5,000. Upon obtaining 5,000 stardust find your way to the furthest north-east part of the shops at ::home to find Stardust Reward Shop. Purchase enchanted lockpick dust from her for the 5,000 stardust.

Part 3.jpg
Part 3 2.jpg

Step 4: Use the enchanted lockpick dust on the crude lockpick to create a galactic lockpick.

Step 5: Use the magical passion flower on the galactic lockpick to create an aeonian lockpick.

Step 6: Equip any pickaxe and right-click on the magicians instructions to teleport to a cave. In the middle of the cavern will be a rockslide that could be mined for half rocks and uncharged orbs. You can drop the half rocks and mine until you have obtained 20 uncharged orbs.

Part 4.jpg

Step 7: In the north-east most part of the cavern you will find a closed chest. Use your aeonian lockpick on it to find a yin-yang tab.

Part 5.jpg

Step 8: Consume the yin-yang tab to teleport to the spirits lair.

Step 9: Steal from the dark and light spirit to obtain 10 dark and light spirits. Use these spirits on the unpowered crystals to charge them until you have 10 dark and 10 light crystals.

Dark spirit.jpg
Light spirit.jpg

Step 10: Return the charged orbs to The Wise Mage to complete the quest.

Upon returning the charged orbs to the magician you will be able to select between dark and light magic. Dark magic will damage you 3% of the damage you inflict and light magic will heal you 3% of the damage you inflict.