Ultimate PVM Dungeon

Obtaining the Requirements

In order to enter the Ultimate PVM Dungeon you need to obtain all 16 PVM Keys

Entering the Ultimate PVM Dungeon

You can enter the Ultimate PVM Dungeon by speaking to the Ultimate PVM Warrior found west of home.

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Trading in all 16 PVM Keys will give you 2.5hr of acces to the dungeon, if you leave or die within the dungeon you have to obtain all of the keys again.

Inside the Ultimate PVM Dungeon

Inside the dungeon you'll find Great Reborn Warriors, the best way to kill them is with protect from melee on instead of soulsplit.

The Great Reborn Warriors got the following drops:

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Looting the Chest

The key drops from the Great Reborn Warriors can be used on the chest within the dungeon granting the following rewards:

Chest Rates

Trading in the armour sets

The chest also gives you the chance to trade in a full set of Lava Eclipse, Water eclipse and Cold eclipse for a set of Magma Eclipse

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